Sweeten your everyday!

A Closer Look at Double Diamond Farms' New Sweet Melody Packaging

If you are looking for that pop of color in produce departments this fall, backed by delicious flavor and freshness, then Double Diamond Farms has a “sweet” selection for you. 

The Kingsville, Ontario-based greenhouse grower is showcasing its Sweet Melody™ tomatoes this year, offering a symphony of colors, shapes, and tastes presented in vibrant, eye-catching 12 oz, 1 lb, 1.5 lb, and 2 lb clamshells—also available in top seal. Featuring a variety of small tomatoes with versatile and unique flavor profiles, every tomato was selected to complement the rest; like an orchestra playing a hall, every tomato plays its part. The selection of varieties ranges from Double Diamond’s Orange Glory™ tomatoes to the company’s signature Zebrino™ tomatoes. 

All tomato varieties are available year-round. With multiple locations strategically situated across North America, and a large fleet of temperature controlled trucks and trailers, Double Diamond is capable of reaching most U.S. and Canadian destinations within 24 hours, bringing freshness and flavor to produce departments as the company ramps up its product distribution.