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A CLOSER LOOK AT Earthbound Farm Organic Rosé Blend

You’ve noticed the reddened cheeks, the glassy eyes, the pleasant lilt and peculiar bounce in my step. Why all the swaggering joyfulness? I’ve gotten into the rosé—Earthbound Farm’s Rosé Blend, that is. And its healthy crunch and eye-catching color has brought a hangover-proof spring to my step.

At once tender and pleasantly crisp, Rosé Blend features ve blushing varieties of leafy red goodness: lolla rosa, red oak, red tango, red baby butter, and radicchio.

Like all Earthbound Farm’s o erings, Rosé Blend is USDA Certi ed Organic. And this particular item took some serious intellectual fomentation; the company worked with seed partners for years to the develop avorful, well-textured varieties that go into this recipe for rosé all day.

Its sturdy spring mix-like leaves make Rosé Blend the perfect way to brighten up a salad and deliver a dressing, providing piquant avor, wilt-proof crunch, and a pop of crimson to dinner tables and produce departments alike.

Red as a radish, white as an onion, sparkling in avor, or sweet as a cherry—the next time you consider your produce assortment, make sure you pay close attention to rosé—with Rosé Blend from Earthbound Farm.