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A Closer Look at FRESH ENERGY by Caramel Naturel® Medjool Date Packaging

Retailers aiming to capture sales in the date category can now look to the new Fresh Energy™ label, created by Caramel Naturel® and Atlas Produce. Designed to pop on the shelf and bring a vibrant, eye-catching aesthetic to the specialty produce segment, Fresh Energy delivers exactly what its name implies, and more.

With household penetration in the U.S. now up to 35 percent, Caramel Naturel is on a growth trajectory that is taking dates from niche to the mainstream. The company’s date sales have been on an upward climb for the past five years, with double-digit growth in that same time frame to boot. Under the Fresh Energy label, the company will offer a variety of items from Whole and Chopped Medjool Dates, Golden Dates, and Date Coconut Rolls, to Date Almond Rolls, Pitted Deglet Noor, and Organic Whole Medjool Dates.

Grown and harvested in Coachella, California, the winter holiday push is just around the corner with sales spiking during this time of year. All dates falling under the Fresh Energy label are jumbo in size and have some of the best flavors in the industry. With volume steadily increasing year-over-year, this brand is ready to respond to the retail community in force.

Now is a great time for retailers to take advantage of promotional opportunities and showcase a specialty item that is growing in both supply and demand. In addition to taking advantage of holiday sales, retailers should also create destinations for the various date offerings that Caramel Naturel offers, and not just display them seasonally, but year-round. It’s date time, all the time.