High Flavor, Organic, and Conventional

A Closer Look at Zespri® Sungold Kiwifruit

Looking for a healthy snack that’s as good as gold with families, on-the-go eaters, and more? Or a way to round out your produce aisle’s assortment? Zespri® 1-lb SunGold™ Kiwifruit clam packs may be just the ticket.

Featuring Zespri’s signature brand and colorway, clean imagery, and clear messaging that highlights flavor and freshness, these convenient clams boast consistent quality, longer shelf-life, and the sweet tropical taste and eye-catching vibrancy for which Zespri’s SunGold variety is known.

Showcase these beauties alongside Zespri’s green and organic varieties and watch burgeoning demand build—or build large, eye-catching displays outside of the produce department. Try creating displays by the checkout to catch shoppers as they leave the store.

Zespri’s 1-lb clam packs are perfectly apportioned to take home and dish out throughout the week. Whether you’re a busy parent, an athlete in need of nutrients, a produce professional looking to drive sales, or a gourmand looking for culinary options off the all-too-beaten path, Zespri’s 1-lb SunGold Kiwifruit clam pack is proving all that glitters may not be gold, but this sweet tropical fruit may well be worth its weight in the shimmery stuff.