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Up Close with Mission Produce Emeralds in the Rough

Beauty can be found in every nook and cranny of our industry—from the land in which the produce grows to the collaboration it takes to bring hard-earned harvests to dinner plates. Mission Produce is shining a light on the perfectly imperfect side of fresh produce with its new line—Emeralds in the Rough.

Finding the beauty in each and every avocado, the company’s new release offers Grade 2 wonky wonders typically regarded as less attractive than their Grade 1 siblings. External scars traverse the familiar bumpy skin, but what lies beneath the surface is what matters most of all—pure avocado bliss.

Abandoning the previous notion that the only produce worth showcasing in retail is the prettiest of the bunch, the new blemished item hops on the visually-imperfect produce train that has found its way into retail. Emeralds in the Rough offer a great opportunity to draw a crowd with vibrant, eye-catching packaging and fun copy, while also alleviating the pressure to send less-than-perfect product to foodservice or waste.

Bundled into 2 and 3 lb bags, Emeralds in the Rough is a line that offers plenty of in-and-out promotions that tap into seasons when Grade 2 fruit is abundant, giving customers something to talk about with friends and retailers, addressing the need to eliminate food waste and promoting a more sustainable food system.