Peruvian Onions

Up Close with Pure Flavor® Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers

Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers are a colorful assortment of bright little fruits from Pure Flavor®, perfect for a Sunday picnic or as a minivan companion for the busy parent. Though the bite-sized peppers look like they would pack quite a spicy punch, they are actually very sweet.

Amazingly, these greenhouse-grown peppers—which are available in red, yellow, and orange—boast more vitamin C than citrus fruit. The mini bites offer a great cross-merchandising opportunity with leafy greens, as they add a bright pop when chopped up in salads. To reach into the center store for cross-merchandising opportunities, try promoting these peppers alongside cheesy dips as a healthy alternative to nacho chips.

Available year-round, these little beauts boast low calorie, fat, and sodium content; and an abundance of vitamins A and E, in addition to C. The peppers’ recent packaging refresh makes them even easier to market. The mini sweet peppers come in a convenient 8 oz pack with a handle, a window to see the product, and an attractive green graphic across the top.

Whether promoted alone or cross-merchandised alongside other produce items or center store products, these sweet treats are a sure sale!