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Up Close with Side Delights Side Delights® Steamables Duo Potatoes

With microwaveable and steamable fresh potatoes continuing to grow in popularity, Side Delights® has added Steamables™ Duo Potatoes. Its line-up already includes seven popular items: Red, Golden, Russet, Purple, Fingerling, Medley, and Sweet Potatoes. This newest Duo item—a pairing of Red and Yellow potatoes for the prettiest side dish in minutes—joins the other convenience-oriented Side Delights Bakeables™ and Grillables™ product lines.

The Steamables line contains small-sized potatoes that require no clean-up or guesswork and take very little time to cook (just eight minutes)! Available in a 1.5 lb microwavable bag, these spuds are perfectly-sized as a side dish for four people. Side Delights recommends tossing the taters with butter, herbs, salt, and pepper—that’s it! Simple and tasty. If you lack a microwave, fear not! The potatoes may still be prepared in all the conventional ways (bake, boil, roast, etc.) but with a lot less preparation, as these potatoes are already triple-washed and uniformly-sized, ready for any recipe.

For retailers looking to attract shoppers with taste and aroma as well as sight, consider employing demos and tastings in the produce department. These taters are an ideal opportunity to promote cross-merchandising efforts and bring value to the consumer shopping cart.