VOL. 31 | Duda Farm Fresh Foods: Firmly Planted

Articles in This Issue

Retail Runway: April 2018

As if the elegant Ambrosia™ in blush red with a yellow ombré background wasn’t beautiful enough, BC Tree Fruits Cooperative recently launched a rebrand for the crisp classic, which is available now...

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Marketing Excellence: A Vision for 2018, A Q&A with Dan'l Mackey Almy of DMA Solutions

With Viva Fresh Expo fast approaching, the produce marketing maven and President and CEO of DMA Solutions sheds light on tips and tactics to keep in mind amid key industry events and more...

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How Technology Has Impacted Retail & Produce: A Look Back Part 1

The former Kroger exec and fresh produce expert shares on how tech has influenced the way buyers approach the fresh produce department in Part 1 of this Snack series...

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CPMA Corner - Made in Canada: Freggie™ Chef for a Day

As the industry prepares to flock to Vancouver, Association President Ron Lemaire discusses this important, future-centric program, with insights from Jamie Moracci, Oleen Smethurst, and Joe Spano...

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Up Close with Side Delights Side Delights® Steamables™ Duo Potatoes

With microwaveable and steamable fresh potatoes continuing to grow in popularity, Side Delights® has added Steamables™ Duo Potatoes. Its line-up already includes seven popular items: Red, Golden,...

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Up Close with Stemilt Piñata Apples

Take a bite out of paradise with Stemilt’s Piñata® apples! Once a niche specialty item, now a beloved fan favorite, this tropical variety is making waves with retailers and consumers alike. And,...

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