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Retail Runway: April 2018

As if the elegant Ambrosia™ in blush red with a yellow ombré background wasn’t beautiful enough, BC Tree Fruits Cooperative recently launched a rebrand for the crisp classic, which is available now from Oppy. The lovely, blushing apples straight from their birthplace in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys of British Columbia, Canada, are now available in irresistible on-the-go packs and high-graphic boxes. The new Ambrosia rebrand features a clean and fresh bi-color graphic— immediately highlighting the apple’s distinctive color—and the tagline “sweet perfection”—a reference to the variety’s sweet but crisp taste. This is a fruit-packed packaging revamp that I wouldn’t miss in my grocery shopping.


These mini avocado bags are chock-full of goodness with extra small avocados that are organic to boot! “Small but Mighty,” these little beauts tumble from their consumer-friendly packaging, all ready-to-eat. And, for the more adventurous avocado connoisseur, the bags come with a variety of recipes, like Avocado Brunch Toast, to add value to the retailer’s avocado destination and create occasions for cross-merchandising opportunities. The avos come in two different packs, a value pack, which is two pounds, or 8 to 10 avocados, and a smaller six count pack, both ideal for a smoothie, sandwich, or stand-alone snack.


Monterey Mushrooms’ Let’s Blend™ product line of finely diced mushrooms comes in three pre-seasoned flavors: Classic, Mexican, and Italian. The 8 oz packages have an extended shelf-life and on-the-pack cooking instructions, adaptations which are sure to catch the busy consumer’s eye. Personally, I can’t wait to toss these mushrooms with some chicken or beef for a quick and satisfying meal.

 With its Organic Snacker at Costco—a three-pack bundle of bright, fun, familiar graphics—featuring apple sticks, Cheddar cheese pieces, and pretzels, as well as an extended Disney snacking line of Foodles, Crunch Pak® is helping introduce children to smart eating. Employing the power of classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Crunch Pak Snackers make it easier for moms to motivate their children to eat more fruit!

 These sweet little bites of flavor are the best of both worlds, combining grab-and-go convenience with healthy-eating. With their classic, clean green, personal-sized packs, Jamba Organic Fruit Snacks look fresh off the farm. Sure to entice any health-conscious consumer, these Jamba Organic Fruit Snacks carry the allure of Jamba’s health halo. In a variety of flavors including Strawberry, Raspberry Blueberry, Mango Pineapple, and Blueberry Acai, Jamba fruit snacks have a flavor for every consumer and are sure to make their way into consumer baskets.