High Flavor, Organic, and Conventional

Up Close with Stemilt Piñata Apples

Take a bite out of paradise with Stemilt’s Piñata® apples! Once a niche specialty item, now a beloved fan favorite, this tropical variety is making waves with retailers and consumers alike. And, thanks to an expanded season into June and an import program through the summer, Piñata apples can brighten grocery aisles and shopping carts with island sunshine almost all year long.

Derived from Golden Delicious apples, as well as heirlooms Cox’s Orange Pippin and Duchess of Oldenburg, Piñata apples have a high-sweet, high-tart flavor profile with notes of pineapple and vanilla that set it apart from other fish in the sea—or apples on the tree.

A true culinary standout, Piñata apples are resilient and do not break down under high cooking temperatures, helping home chefs cut down on extra ingredients, like sugar, in sweet treats and baked goods.

Its unique flavor profile also makes it delicious au naturel, perfect for those craving sunshine and a snack reminiscent of summer beach days during the cold winter months.

Available in bulk, organic, Artisan OrganicsTM 5 lb branded pouch bags, as well as 3 lb pouch bags under the Lil Snappers® brand, look for a taste of the tropics with Piñata apples in grocery aisles today, and let the good vibes roll!