UP Close with Sundate's 1lb Medjool Date Clamshell

Here is so much to love about California: sunshine, long stretches of beach, epic mountain adventures, a diverse range of cultures, and, of course...Medjool dates. As the category experiences unprecedented growth, SunDate is bringing a premium product to market as the popularity of dates ramps up in metropolitan markets from Toronto, Ontario, to San Francisco, California.

Responding to consumer, retail, and foodservice demand, SunDate is expanding its acreage in The Golden State to provide consistent and quality supplies to its customers across the globe. As consumer buying behaviors change, SunDate has seen sales spike for the company’s coveted 1 lb clamshell, which features the ideal serving size for snacks and appetizers, as well as desserts and entrées.

At SunDate, the ancient culture of date cultivation joins state-of-the-art agricultural science to bring date perfection onto a global scale. The sunny, warm climate and famously-frugal precipitation of California’s Coachella Valley provide an ideal environment for Medjool date palms to develop the delicate texture and natural sweetness they are treasured for. As a vertically integrated company, SunDate has become one of the country’s largest California date packers.