All your grape needs in one place

Retail Runway: December 2017









William Shakespeare once said, “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” While he might not have been talking about produce, his words speak true to these tiny, flavorful grape tomatoes. These little bite-sized tomatoes are one of the easiest additions to any meal, with packaging that provides a clean, fashionable window to let the produce speak for itself. Their exceptional sweetness is full and dynamic, making them an irresistible and addictive snack for all ages. The easiest way to enjoy these nutrient-rich powerhouse snacks is to just grab-n-go.


Cozy sweater weather is only made better when paired with a bite into a refreshing apple for me. With demands at an all-time high, this crunchy variety has an incredible balance of flavor and tastes every bit as sweet as it is tangy. Smitten is curated by combining two English varieties, Fiesta and Falstaff, with the well-known Royal Gala and Braeburn, taking the best aspects of each and creating a fan favorite. The new variety is jam-packed with flavor and juice, packaged in a sharp and dynamic stand-up pouch bag, making it an easy sell for consumers looking to amp up their apple recipes. An even better apple crumble? Yes, please!

What’s black, and white, and green all over? The sleek packaging for this amazing option for every customer. It adds variety to all diets, specifically for those looking for gluten-free, low-carb, vegan, and sugar-free versions of the go-to Taco Tuesday necessity. As it taps into a sector of the market looking to go beyond familiar corn and flour types, jicama is a modern type of tortilla for the modern customer looking for healthier meals. Fitting in the refrigerated section, these tortillas will stand out amongst the fresh packaging; and the “Scan Me” QR code that sits on top screams, “Take me home and get to know me.”

The best thing about this frequent recipe must-have is that it is grown by family-owned farms throughout Mexico, Peru, and Chile. They are also available year-round, due to the vast range of farm production, so you’ll never be out of luck when customers come asking for their avocados. The far-reaching farms’ commitment to sustainability is only matched by their dedication to food safety initiatives. Conveniently packaged in black and white decorated boxes to denote whether they are organic or conventional, this staple ingredient for every kitchen is an easy bulk sell when it is offered in Naturipe’s three box sizes—because you can never have enough avocados!

As a powerful marketing concept, Red Sun Farms’ new seasonal packaging is a fun and festive way to celebrate the holidays. Showcasing their flavorful Scarlet Pearl grape tomatoes, these packages add a creative touch to the consumer’s holiday spread. The fun and jovial holly encircling the top of the Top Seal container taps into everyone’s holiday spirits and will attract customers to taste the sweet and flavorful variety. These little ones are a treat that can be enjoyed on-the-go, included in appetizers, sides, and sauces, and even as the main event in recipes far and wide. Offering such versatility, these Scarlet Pearl grape tomatoes are an irresistible grocery store pick-up as we move through the remainder of 2017.