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Superbowl Spotlight

The biggest sports event of the year calls for the biggest flavors, and this year is no exception. Spicy chili, seasonal veggies, and Game Day guacamole with a twist are some of this year’s Super Bowl favorites that are sure to get the crowd cheering and on their feet—whether their team has scored a touchdown or not. 

Karen Caplan

President & CEO, Frieda’s Specialty Produce

"Since it’s usually a chilly afternoon when we are watching the Super Bowl, my favorite dish is a bowl of chili...specifically Habanero Chile Chili. We created this dish over 30 years ago, after we introduced Habanero Chiles to produce departments. I just love it made with black-eyed peas, lots of diced fresh tomatoes, red and green peppers, and Habanero Chiles, of course!"

Mike Deusebio

Senior Director, West Coast Produce Operations, C&S Wholesale Grocers

"I’d have to say, one of the most underrated and extremely versatile vegetables for snacking has to be zucchini. Sure, there’s the veggie trays with ranch dressing or hummus, but with zucchini, or Italian squash for some, the options are endless. How about this: zucchini crostini with a goat cheese spread. It’s simple, healthy, and can be addictive. Simply take marinated ribbon sliced squash that’s been dressed with olive oil and lemon, and layer them on a toasted baguette crostini that’s been smothered with goat cheese. Salt, pepper…boom!"


Vice President of Sales, Pete’s Living Greens

"I love my wife’s chipotle pepper pork tacos, especially on Game Day. No one can make them quite like she can. She takes a pork shoulder and slow cooks it in a crockpot to get that soft and tender meat. Next comes the sauce made with chipotle peppers and sour cream. To add a fresh, cool crunch, she then makes a slaw of cabbage, onion, cilantro, and lemon juice. And you know butter leaf lettuce has to be involved—the leaves are the perfect vehicle for combining the pork, slaw, and sauce to bring all the flavors together. You really get that smokiness with that subtle, fresh, acidic tanginess to balance out the experience. I can taste the tacos now!"

Scott Ross

Eastern Regional Sales Manager, West Pak Avocado

"I Love Avocados and incorporate them into my daily diet. So, when it comes to entertaining, of course I’m required to make a mean guacamole—and I do. But, another way I add them into my Game Day line-up is to top my favorite chili recipe with an Avocado Cilantro Sour Cream. It’s very simple to make, using all fresh and healthy ingredients. The creamy, vibrant flavor and rich texture works perfectly with my piping hot and spicy chili."

Frank Swanson

Senior Manager, Produce Sourcing, US Foods

"As many people know, I love avocados. My colleagues often find me breaking them open (with or without a knife) and sampling them for “quality assurance” (and my own satisfaction). Avocados complement almost any dish, but to me, there’s nothing better than using a perfectly ripe avocado as the base for a creamy guacamole. Super Bowl is a great excuse to make guacamole! You can go for the classic recipe and add fresh cilantro, garlic, onions, and limes. Or, since it’s a special occasion, I like to add a little twist by throwing in fun ingredients like mango chunks and pomegranate seeds. I’ll trade in the typical tortilla chips and throw in some creative dippers, like jicama sticks or asparagus stalks. You know where to find me on Game Day—at the guacamole bowl!"


Vice President of Sales, Procurement, and Marketing, Caito Foods

"When it comes time for Super Bowl, cauliflower pizza is one of my favorites. I’m able to take care of my pizza temptation without all the calories and carbs, plus, if made right, it has incredible flavor. My recommendation is to use a food processor to grate a head of cauliflower then cook it in the microwave for eight minutes. Add an egg and two cups of mozzarella cheese. Grease a cookie sheet and then drop large spoonfuls of the mixture on the cookie sheet. Cook approximately 30 minutes in the oven at 400 °F, making sure the edges are almost burnt. Take it out of the oven and add one of the following topping combinations: either a spoonful of your favorite barbecue sauce, grilled chicken, sautéed onion and bacon and mozzarella cheese...or a spoonful of your favorite pizza sauce, a slice of tomato, a basil leaf, and mozzarella cheese—then put the cookie sheet back in the oven and broil for about five minutes."