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Robert's Picks: PMA Fresh Summit 2017

My first PMA Fresh Summit is behind me, and it is a blur. From my first day as a bright-eyed junior reporter to my last—bleary-eyed and hunting for watermelon water—I was thoroughly impressed by the community, the events, and the veritable wellspring of innovative products; here are a few that stood out.

Braga Fresh Josie’s Organics Organic Power Mix

With an on-trend blend of organic veggies, the latest offering from the Josie’s Organics line has everything a busy shopper like myself needs to skip the prep and get straight to the fun part of nourishment—the eating! Featuring green cabbage, julienne-cut broccoli stalk, green kale, and julienne-cut rainbow carrots in a high-graphic 10 oz bag, Power Mix is a great way to add color to consumers’ plates and retailers’ produce displays.


Pete’s Living Greens Endive and Escarole Living Strips

You would be hard-pressed to find a person that relishes endive and escarole as much as I do. Whether used raw to brighten up a salad, braised to a gentle sweetness, or simmering in a soup, these leafy greens speak to me. And with the latest additions to Pete’s Living Greens’ Living Strips line, perfectly displayed in the company’s innovative Home Harvest Pack™, we chicory lovers get a great look at the product and a chance to pick up the freshest greens possible. Kudos Pete! Tackle fennel next, please!


SUNSET® and Semillas Fitó, S.A. Monterosa Tomatoes

When I first got a look at the Monterosa, I almost gasped. I had to take a moment. These intensely-pink, ideally-striated tomatoes looked like something out of a storybook. Coming to North America for the first time through Mastronardi Produce’s latest strategic partnership and boasting a sweet taste, soft meat, and fine skin, Monterosa has all the attributes to turn shoppers’ heads and encourage consumers to fall in love with tomatoes—again.


Domex Superfresh Growers®
Organic 2 lb Pouch Bags

Bringing bright graphics and convenience to the burgeoning organic apple category, the Superfresh team’s self-merchandising pouch bags are easy to buy, and I am a sucker for that. To me, these portable, resealable, recyclable bags cry out, “pick me up, and you’ll have the appropriate amount of apples.” And I am a pushover for crying apples.


SunFed® Almost Famous Roma Tomatoes

Adding convenience and brand appeal to the growing imperfect produce movement, SunFed’s Almost Famous line of value-added fruits and veggies is proving that these tomatoes are anything but ugly. With Pop Art-inspired graphics and the same great flavor and texture as their Perfect Produce® cousins, these flavorful, fresh little guys are primed to celebrate the perfection in their imperfection.