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Libations for All Occasions: Chili Mango Martini

I’m a girl who appreciates nuance. Whether it be a subtle look exchanged between actors in a film, finding the perfect word to convey multiple meanings in my writing, or in this case, the ideal amount of complexity in the flavors of my cocktail. That’s why I fell in love with my new favorite produce-y libation—the Chili Mango Martini.

The big draw here is, of course, the marriage of the mango and the chili pepper. We in the produce industry see it all the time—maybe it’s some chili powder sprinkled on your fruit, Sriracha drizzled on your avocado halves, or my personal favorite—pineapple jalapeño pepperoni pizza. That dance of spicy and sweet flavors is enough to keep any mouth entertained, but the real fun of this recipe is, in my opinion, the experimentation.

Yes, grown ups, it’s time to play with your food! This Chili Mango Martini recipe calls for simple ingredients: mangos, chilis, coconut water, lime, and a few odds and ends. But the nuance that I love so much in this cocktail comes from getting weird with that list. Do you like more spice? Add more chili! Want to temper the sweetness of the mango? Grab that lime! The levels of flavor  that can come from the give-and-take of these seemingly at-odds produce items almost feels like a science experiment, and a tasty one at that.

Whether it be that pool party you’ve been planning, a pairing with your chips and guac, or just the proverbial cherry on top of your summer day lounge sesh, this Chili Mango Martini may just be your new seasonal go-to.