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Libations for All Occasions: Hemly Cider



ith six generations of pear growing holstered, Greene & Hemly’s operations have branched out to offer an alternative to the usual fruit ciders on the market. Drier than the frequent flavors available, wine lovers that find ciders too sweet may rejoice.

This cider is in line with both the grower and consumer trends to boost consumption through drinking, rather than eating, fresh produce.

The venture was thought up by Sarah Hemly after watching her husband, Matt, and his family’s passion for pear growing since the 1860s. The pears that make up this libation have deep roots in California soil and the backing of partner Crown Jewel, known for its vision to team up with the world’s finest growers to develop a full line of the highest quality fruits and vegetables. 

Hemly Pear Cider is estate-grown from pear trees that are over a century old, fermented with 60 percent Bartlett pears and 40 percent Gala apples. It is oak aged and sweetened with fresh-pressed Bartlett and Bosc pears, unfiltered, and is recommended as a great pairing with a meal at any point in the day. With the theme “pears well with everything,” the Hemlys recommend sipping with pork–such as grilled pork chops with grilled apples, potatoes, fennel, and onion–or serving with a light snack like pears, chips, and blue cheese.

At 5.5 percent alcohol, the cider adds a fun twist to produce consumption while allowing the flavors on the plate to carry through.

Made like a wine but finished like a beer, Hemly Pear Cider is not overly sweet, and provides a drier option that strikes the palate as more of a Chardonnay. With one drier cider, and one sweeter, Hemly can serve as an option for traditional cider fans and those who might not know they are just yet.