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Tequila Infusion

It might be said that the tequila infusion is the purest, most produce-packed libation we’ve ever featured in The Snack Magazine.

 Whether serving as the base of a craft cocktail or enjoyed straight, infusions offer a generous dose of pure fruit flavor and an almost endlessly permutable set of recipes, each serviceable as an ingredient in fancier fare or a delicious stand-alone beverage.

So how does one infuse? It’s easy.

Step one: choose your ingredients. Whether it’s the tropical flavor of mango with cinnamon or the well-loved liaison of strawberry and lime, you can customize your flavor profile to fit any occasion and any inclination. Take the punchiness of pineapple, the fulsomeness of fig, or the smooth sweetness of a ripe peach—whatever your preference, each of these offerings can be an excellent base for your infusion.

Next, simply take your chosen fruit—along with any herbs, spices, veggies, or other complementary items you choose; pare away skins, stems, and seeds; and submerge your produce in a sterile mason jar of tequila. Blanco, reposado, and añejo are all fine choices. The first of these options lends a pleasant crispness and cleanness to drinks, and while the barrel-aged flavors of the latter two might require a more judicious selection of fresh fruit, the result can be a heady, sippable drink suitable for even the most discerning connoisseur.

Hot tips? Choose a quality 100 percent agave tequila and a plentiful portion of fruit. Don’t be afraid to get fanciful with your flavor combinations (maybe branch into veggies—try cucumber or even jalapeño). Give your creations cute and colorful names like “Amortentia” or “Confusing Concoction.” Live your best life. Just do so responsibly, because a tequila that tastes like a ripe strawberry—I’m sure you can imagine—may sneak up on you.

Strawberry-Infused Tequila Margarita