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We wanted to know how to freshen up (pun intended) the game day spread as ad opportunities for one of the U.S.’s biggest eating days approaches. Who better to go to than the industry itself? Find in the following paragraphs some Super Bowl inspiration for your customers from suppliers and operators who love both produce and football...

Hugh Acheson
Chef and Owner of 5&10 and The National

“The key to a successful food game on that Sunday in February is to make sure you have balance. Balance comes from a table with the staples, matched with lots of vegetables and salads. I really like a simple Brussels sprout salad in the Super Bowl spread. Shave a pound of Brussels, toss with lemon juice, olive oil, a dash of pistachio oil, some roasted pistachios, scallions, pickled chiles, and then lightly season with salt and freshly ground pepper. This dish is easily assembled and a fresh respite from the richness of burgers, chili, lasagna, pizza, and whatnot.”

Denise Junqueiro
Director of Marketing, Mission Produce

“The Big Game is the star of avocado holidays and my favorite time to showcase avocado delights. No Big Game party is complete without plenty of snacks and party favorites using avocados. This year, I can’t wait to use Mission’s Emeralds in the Rough pack to make loaded bacon guacamole. It is so yummy and such a fun way to switch up the traditional take.”

Gene Harris
Senior Purchasing Manager, Denny’s Inc.

“I love cooking at home for friends and family! We actually have two favorites that are pretty traditional: fresh-made guacamole with tortilla chips or Fritos and fresh veggies—baby carrots, cauliflower and broccoli florets, sugar snap peas, and sweet bell pepper strips—with a light ranch or blue cheese dressing. You can't go wrong with fresh fruits and veggies as the primary ingredients!  

The guacamole I love making myself. It must have fresh-squeezed lime juice and fresh cilantro in it. Sometimes I make fresh salsa from scratch, too!”

Jan DeLyser
VP of Marketing, California Avocado Commission

“It’s not a sporting event or gathering unless avocados—preferably fresh California avocados—are featured. Guacamole is of course a must; I like it simple with onions, tomatoes, lemon, cumin, and a touch of spice served with fresh vegetables for dipping—jicama, colorful peppers, and carrots. As a Kansas City native, I also love barbeque…especially pork. Though not fresh produce, it does provide an excellent foundation on which to build with fresh fruits and vegetables, as in sandwiches with fresh avocado slices, or even using a halved avocado stuffed with BBQ pork, chicken, or other protein.”

Nicole Hulstein
Category Manager, Food Lion

“Though top of mind dishes for many contemplating a Super Bowl party menu may include classics like chicken wings with carrots and celery or a taco dip with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, guac, etc., for those of us in the Southeast, I’d like to offer a ‘hot’ little suggestion: a brisket jalapeño popper! It’s a lovely combination of BBQ and produce—was there ever a better combination?!”

Nelia Alamo
Vice President Communications at Renaissance Food Group

“The Super Bowl is one of my favorite events of the year, not for the games, but for the friends, food, and drinks! Party food and snacks are honestly one of my favorite eating experiences—I like to try a little bit of everything. My go-to snack to bring is a fresh veggie tray: I use our jicama, celery, and carrot sticks along with bell peppers and cucumbers. It’s all about the dip, too! I like to use hummus or guac instead of the traditional ranch dressing. Of course I love to pair that with a nice’s all about balance.”

Scott Schuette
Vice President of Produce, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

“Our number one movement item and primary traffic-driver for the Super Bowl is the infamous avocado. Because unripened avocados will often drive away sales opportunities, it is very important that produce teams are all on the same page in regards to avocado ripening, handling, and merchandising. Ripe avocados sell! It is a whole lot easier and tastier to use ripe avocados versus a green avocado in your guacamole! Also, play off of cross-merchandising opportunities. Items like guacamole and salsa mixes, chips, beer, soda, and other party favorites are all great options, and they actually help sell avocados!”

Mandy Bottomlee
Creative Director, Good Foods

“Guacamole has undergone this complete transformation from an innovative, almost-novelty item to a cultural staple. Avocado consumption has more than tripled in just the past fifteen years, and there’s no better evidence of that than its newfound popularity during the Super Bowl. Every year now, we can expect that people across the country will incorporate value-added avocado offerings like our Chunky Guacamole into their game-time celebrations. Whether it goes on burgers and nachos or sub sandwiches and in fully loaded dips, guacamole is here to stay on Super Bowl Sunday.”