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Botanically dissimilar from their starchy tuberous namesake, the potato, sweet potatoes have historically been thought to have originated in the Americas. Recent research, though, suggests these nutrition-packed cousins of the morning glory may have their roots in Asia. From soft shades of white to vibrant oranges, purples, reds, and golds, sweet potatoes are as much prized for their lovely looks as their sweet taste. Let’s explore the rich culinary possibilities of the category…

 Britney Jerome
Corporate Chef, Sysco Columbia

“A biscuit is a Southern staple. A sweet potato biscuit is an occasion. No one just makes sweet potato biscuits; they delight in making sweet potato biscuits—knowing that the humble pastry will receive a celebratory reception. Whether enjoyed hot out the oven on a cold morning, or wrapped in foil and warmed by the beach sun, a simple addition of sweet potato has always elevated the biscuit experience.”


Gina Petit
Marketing & Specialty Sales Manager, Country Sweet Produce

“I love sweet potatoes. I eat at least one a day. I enjoy sweet potatoes steamed or on the Traeger grill. Every Sunday, my husband and I meal prep lunch for the week, and we always prepare one petite-sized sweet potato for each day to complement our chicken and vegetables. Typically we drizzle them with coconut oil or grass-fed butter, wrap them in foil, and let them cook on the Traeger alongside our chicken. The skin peels right off the potato and the sweet potato is so naturally sweet—it pairs well with balsamic glaze on green beans and/or bold spices on the chicken. If Sundays are too manic with our toddlers for the Traeger, we place a Bako Sweet® steam bag in the microwave to cut out the extra prep work.” 

Frank Swanson

Senior Sourcing Manager, US Foods

“Sweet potatoes have long been a favorite of mine. I enjoy them baked with plenty of cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar. They are a versatile and flavorful alternative to regular potato offerings and have become a popular menu item for our customers as a key ingredient in tarts, waffles, muffins, and of course, waffle fries. I should also mention that my wife bakes a sweet potato pie that is incredible!”

 Tami Long
Director of Marketing & Business Development, Nash Produce

“The first time I tried a sweet potato was in a pie, and I was hooked! Sweet potatoes are a vegetable that are incredibly healthy AND sweet! So, how can you go wrong? As with most people, I thought that sweet potatoes were always orange. Yes, I was very wrong in that assumption. There are many varieties of sweet potatoes, and they each have their own special sweet taste. Bonita sweet potatoes are my favorite, baked with a little Italian seasoning. Keep it simple. This savory spice is the perfect complement for the sweet. Now that is a healthy meal!”