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A Closer Look at Giorgio® Stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms

The month of December is all about entertaining, entertaining, entertaining. With consumers’ calendars cluttered with holiday festivities, dinner parties, and nonstop fun, Giorgio is lending an olive branch—well, a mushroom branch—to all of those in need of a little extra help getting from one event to another in one piece.

As mushrooms continue to dominate menus around the culinary world, Giorgio is helping consumers stay classy and on-trend with its newly launched line of ovenable/microwavable stuffed mushrooms. The line features three delicious flavors: a Fiesta Cheese Blend, a Cheese and Imitation Bacon Bits Blend, and an Artichoke, Spinach, and Cheese Blend (my fave).

While the holidays and convenience don’t usually go hand-in-hand, Giorgio’s new stuffed mushroom trays are as easy as can be and take the ‘prep’ out of holiday prep. Because the new packaging doubles as a cooking utensil, the only thing left for consumers to do to enjoy these bad boys is to warm them up. Whether heated in the oven or tossed in the microwave on the fly, there’s no denying consumers will want to give these stuffed mushrooms to their holiday guests to try.

Giorgio’s stuffed mushroom line even carries over into post-holiday events, like Big Game watch parties and Valentine’s Day, so the party doesn’t have to stop after December 31st.