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Up Close with Lipman's Crimson Tomato


resh for the New Year, Lipman Family Farms is ramping up its 2017 promotions with the company’s ever-popular Crimson Tomato, featuring a new campaign and a new look. The Crimson variety has been specially bred for its signature deep red color and unique flavor. The flavor of the Crimson Tomato is more intense than other varieties in the marketplace and offers higher lycopene content than standard tomatoes. The variety also presents a juicy homegrown eating experience and a solid center that holds firm when ripened. All of these characteristics have helped Lipman drive demand across the country. 

This unique, eye-catching look for the Crimson Tomato reflects a company-wide refresh spanning across its entire produce portfolio which includes a redesigned logo, packaging, and a website that boldly enhances the visual identity for consumers. The key messaging promotes an authenticity that communicates “The Best of Nature” across platforms, as well as Lipman’s “family farms” heritage dating back to the 1930s for the Immokalee, Florida-based grower. 

With a robust R&D team that is constantly analyzing feedback from customers and developing products that meet their needs, Lipman is also generating excitement around its tomato program by adding the favorable attributes of Crimson Tomatoes into all of its varieties—round, roma, grape, and heirloom. 

Always keeping the tomato category on its toes, Lipman has even more to come as the new year gets underway.