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Up Close with Naturefresh Tomberry® Tomatoes

Fact: if it’s smaller, it’s cuter. For example: puppies, kittens, and NatureFresh™ Tomberry® tomatoes. Weighing in as what NatureFresh deems the “World’s Smallest Tomato,” each NatureFresh Tomberry is only one to two grams and 0.5 to one centimeter in diameter, almost too adorable to eat—almost.

After exploring new varieties in its Leamington, Ontario, greenhouse this past year to implement a snack category takeover, NatureFresh is debuting its Tomberry as a means to build a category of snacking tomatoes that complements its TOMZ line.

Though they be but little, they are fierce in flavor. Delivering on everything we love about tomatoes in the tiniest of packages, the NatureFresh Tomberry brings a new look and ingredient to home chefs looking to spruce up culinary masterpieces. Or, if you have a tendency to snack on ingredients while you cook (like me), these small fruits are the perfect size for pre-meal grazing crazes.

New to the North American retail scene after launching just this season, the NatureFresh Tomberry is available in packaging that highlights its unique and hard to miss miniscule-ness, making it difficult to pass by without cooing at. And if shoppers weren’t convinced by just holding the “World’s Smallest Tomato” in their hands, its re-sealable Top Seal packaging is sure to seal the deal.