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Up Close with West Pak's I Love Avocados

The avocado trend looks to be rising from “popular” to “star.” With some celebrities touting a love of the green fruit enough to even get it tattooed onto themselves, West Pak Avocado is launching a brand fit for the fame with the all-encompassing I Love Avocados program.

Currently, I Love Avocados is starting with a strong online presence in the making at, as well as an easy concept already popularized via hashtags on Instagram and other social media. The brand specifically targets the ever-growing millennial demographic–a group that studies show as both brand loyal and the most likely consumer to buy impulsively.

With a foundation of loyal fans already in place, the I Love Avocados brand reaches a consumer base, a majority of which are millennials, who are already on board.

Out of the gates at its PMA Fresh Summit launch in October, the I Love Avocados brand is already resonating with its target audience and could easily ripple out to those who may not yet know the health and flavor benefits of the fruit.

Beyond the supermarket, will we see avocado t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise that promotes a healthy love and lifestyle for produce?

The sky is the limit.