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My Favorite Things

Ashley Pipkin, Senior Marketing Manager, Tanimura & Antle

  • 1French Bulldogs
  • 4County Fairs
  • 7Family
  • 2Sushi
  • 5Succulents
  • 8Brunch
  • 34-H & FFA
  • 6Grey’s Anatomy
  • 9Youth leadership development

"There’s just something about those smooshed faces, snorts, and bug eyes."1
"I volunteer every year at our local county fair—you haven’t seen cute until you’ve seen a five year old in a 4-H uniform showing their project!"4
"I’m really fortunate to have them as a support system."7
"I could probably have sushi every day and never get tired of it."2
"There’s just so many different ones and they’re all so pretty and fun."5
"I’ve never had a bad day that’s started with brunch."8
"Both were a big part of my life growing up and I attribute a lot of who I am today to those advisors."3
"Derek and Meredith. Need I say more?!"6
"It’s so fun and rewarding to help kids discover their potential as leaders."9