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A Closer Look at Taylor Farms New Chopped Salad Kit Offerings

Did someone mention ready-to-eat, healthy, fresh, and flavorful in the same sentence? Taylor Farms did, so sign me up. The company has launched new additions to its chopped salad kits line, and again made the company essential for the grocery store aisle and a regular staple in my shopping basket. The four new recipes are Roasted Garlic, Tangerine Crunch, Steakhouse Wedge, and Salsa Ranch—all created from a deep and passionate investment into consumer research on eating behaviors and different desires for specific flavors and variety.

With summer upon us, all four offer great ways to build a meal, showcase a protein, or enjoy as is. More companies are playing with citrus flavors to brighten the plate, and I love what Taylor Farms has done with the Tangerine Crunch. The freshly chopped romaine, savoy cabbage, shredded broccoli, green onion, celery, and parsley diversify the veggie spread and create the perfect layers of flavor to elevate the toasted quinoa, dried cranberries, and sliced almonds paired with a simple, sweet, and tart tangerine vinaigrette.

I can see the possibilities for cross-merchandising the Tangerine Crunch with brunch items near the packaged salads real estate, like mimosa ingredients. Sampling would be a great way to extend a hand to the shopper and tease consumer taste buds. There truly is a chopped salad offering from Taylor Farms for every occasion—a notion that drives traffic and the ring at the register.