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A Closer Look at Chelan Fresh New Cherry Pouch Bag

A wise produce veteran once told me that a new product should try to solve a problem—wait, is that in this issue?

Perhaps that’s why these words rang out to me when speaking to the Chelan Fresh team about the newest organic and conventional pouch bag design for its cherry offerings. Because unless consumers are beelining to the display, which of course we all hope for but know is not always the case, a bag of cherries could be mistaken for a bag of red grapes.

And if you have die-hard cherry fans that aren’t going to deviate from their shopping lists for red grapes, you could be missing out on a considerable amount of impulse buys.

Enter Chelan’s latest launch: a cherry pouch bag with a window shaped unmistakably like cherries. Rolled out softly at the end of the 2018 season, the bags now transport a full lineup of cherry varieties, including Dark Sweet, Rainier, and Organic Cherries. The pouch bags come in 2.25 lbs for Red Sweet cherries and Organic Red Sweet cherries as well as 1.25 lbs for Rainier cherries and Organic Rainier cherries, covering whatever your order might need to prepare shoppers for a fruit-filled summer.

While most pouch bags are clear with the intention of letting the product speak for itself, this new design ups the ante by using its graphics to draw the eye even more quickly to the fruit, from the contrast-colored background of the bags to the cherry-shaped window that is easily recognizable from a distance.

Needless to say, these new pouch bags offer Chelan Fresh’s retail partners a whole new window of opportunity.