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Up Close with Crunch Pak's Foodles

As produce purveyors continue to seek the key to unlocking the next generation’s consumer appetite, Crunch Pak is broadening the reach of its successful Foodles line with a new child-focused attraction: a no-skin apple snack, paired with Mickey-shaped crackers.

Not only are the crackers shaped as character favorites—a time-tested success strategy for littles—but the Crunch Pak team has also noted a huge opportunity for growth in the rising demand for peeled apples from parents.

As we know, some children might have a decided distaste for the skin of fruits, much like the crusts on their sandwiches. Another factor to note is that apple peels can be the more difficult piece of the snack to chew and swallow.

With this newest Foodles, Millennial parents, as well as Gen X and Baby Boomer grandparents, don’t have to concern themselves with either of those issues.

In an exclusive partnership with Disney, Foodles offer healthy snacking options with dips and twists to traditional favorites in packages and shapes of favorite characters spanning the entire family. Other products in the lineup offer apple slices, with or without the skin, as well as cheese and grapes or cheese and pretzels.

Goodbye, Mickey Mouse pancakes; hello, fresh produce-powered Disney characters.

Currently available in upwards of 20,000 Walmart stores in the U.S., as well as Associated Wholesale Grocers, Hy-Vee, and Winco Foods, the retail reach of this kid-centric snack is well-established and growing.

Keep an eye out for the Disney favorite shapes and colors as we continue to find the secrets to successfully ensuring fruits and vegetables become the snacking go-to for all ages.