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Up Close with Mr. Avocado

As a category innovator, Mission Produce is bringing the ripe revolution to China with the latest brand in its global portfolio, Mr. Avocado. The professionally-crafted, ready-to-eat avocados have launched in the country following the opening of its first ripe center in Shanghai.

A product of the partnership between Mission Produce, its distributor Lantao International, and Pagoda fruit specialty stores, Mr. Avocado is thoughtfully being positioned as the pioneer in the ripe avocado category for Chinese consumers. Mission Produce has seen increased growth in the country in recent years, and offering the premium pre-ripened Mr. Avocado brand will only add fuel to the fire. With China’s emerging middle class, studies have shown that higher incomes lead to higher spending on food, and consumption is expected to grow 9 percent per year through 2020, according to reports by the Boston Consulting Group. This means that Mr. Avocado’s arrival in China could not come at a better time, offering Chinese consumers a taste of convenience through its pioneering brand.

The Mr. Avocado brand is a 100 percent ripe program, meaning that each avocado is packed at the source in Mr. Avocado brand boxes and shipped to Shanghai for ripening in the new facility, so that it is ready for consumption as soon as it goes on display. The fruit comes with “Ripe, ready to eat” messaging and a scannable QR code on the individually hand-applied large red stickers, allowing the fruit to stand out in the produce aisle while nodding to the importance of the color in Chinese culture.

Positioned to become a leader in the category for the country, the vertically-integrated and always innovative Mission Produce is continuing to help forge the way in the ripe revolution around the globe.