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Up Close with To-Jo Mushrooms’ On-Trend Packaging

‘Tis the season for those frenzied shoppers wondering who—or what—to bring to those holiday festivities. With all the choices in mind and to help consumers with their busy prep work, To-Jo Mushrooms has their backs with the perfect ingredient for any party or holiday gathering. Offered in sliced or whole options, To-Jo offers its 20 oz and 24 oz club packs in both baby bella and white mushroom varieties. Instead of piling carts sky-high with smaller boxes awkwardly angled in jam-packed shopping carts, To-Jo came to the rescue with its robust club packs, giving customers a larger amount of its products specifically highlighted for this distinctly recipe-heavy time of year.

The mushrooms are picked to perfection and then shipped to customers within 24 hours of harvesting. This process guarantees the mushrooms To-Jo customers receive are fresh with every delivery.

To-Jo’s products are not only fresh, they are also harvested using environmentally conscious practices. Eco-friendly customers can also rest assured that To-Jo’s mushroom products are sustainable because the company uses some of the best raw materials around, primarily sourced from recycled materials from other agricultural industries.

The flavor profiles for both the baby bellas and the traditional white mushrooms bring room for differentiation in the recipe spread, with the deeper, earthier flavors of brown mushrooms and the milder-in-taste and easy-to-blend white mushroom profile. So, if your business is looking for ways to market these delicious add-ons so consumers know just how far-reaching their influence on cuisine can be, look no further. Try showcasing recipes for stuffed mushrooms with the whole version. For customers looking for a turkey stuffing, a side dish, or an accompanying sauce, highlight the convenience of sliced mushrooms.

Larger packs are now reaching beyond the confines of the holiday season. With baby bellas seeing increased sales for the category and whites’ popularity at about 70 percent of U.S. mushroom consumption, the trends for this category point to 20 oz and 24 oz packs as a value play for retailers.