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A Closer Look at Bako Sweet® Baby Sweet Potatoes

We’re all familiar with Country Sweet Produce, which seems to be pumping out innovations on the regular, and its expansive line of products. Sweet potatoes have become a staple in many dishes, especially now that the holiday season is upon us. The satisfying spuds continue to awe consumers as their diverse flavor can easily be folded into both sweet and savory recipes.

Now up to bat for Country Sweet’s fall debut are its new Bako Sweet® Baby Sweet Potatoes, available in conventional and organic—because in this day and age, you better have both! At a consistent size of 2 to 4 oz, these potatoes would typically fall through the “supply chain.” And previously in this company’s operation, growers would walk the fields without giving a second glance to such small sizes. A few short years later, Country Sweet is fulfilling consumer requests by focusing efforts on shelf-life and marketing opportunities.

Baby Sweet Potatoes are currently sold in 1.5 lb mesh bags, but the company explains that conversations on new pack styles take place on an ongoing basis. Easily held in tiny hands, this variety intrigues kids so parents won’t need to negotiate vegetable consumption. Furthermore, the little gems add a pop of color to displays and beg passersby to rejoice in their miniature adorableness.