VOL. 45 | Here's Pumpkin to Talk About: The WTF Issue

Articles in This Issue

The IF list: Mimi Corsaro, Vice President of Marketing and Director of Export Sales, Giumarra Vineyards

From System of a Down mash-ups to embodying the spirit of Ursula, what is this industry maven's ride-or-die IF picks? Be just as entertained as we were in our latest Snack feature...

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Just For Fun - Answers Coming Soon

Check back soon for all the answers to our November Issue fun pages!

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A Closer Look at Bako Sweet® Baby Sweet Potatoes

We’re all familiar with Country Sweet Produce, which seems to be pumping out innovations on the regular, and its expansive line of products. Sweet potatoes have become a staple in many dishes,...

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A Closer Look at Mucci Farms' Simple Snack Line

As Winston Churchill once said, “All the great things are simple.” Although he did not yet know about Mucci Farms’ Simple Snack line, he perfectly captured its essence. SIMPLE is an acronym for...

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A Closer Look at Litehouse™ Brite Harbor™ Dressing & Dip

Bridging the gap between fresh produce, deli, retail, and foodservice is quite a feat, and if you are Litehouse™, that feat comes in a host of flavors and the launch of its new brand, Brite Harbor™...

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