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A Closer Look at Litehouse Brite Harbor Dressing & Dip

Bridging the gap between fresh produce, deli, retail, and foodservice is quite a feat, and if you are Litehouse™, that feat comes in a host of flavors and the launch of its new brand, Brite Harbor™.

Litehouse has a full line of staple flavors covered in its Brite Harbor assortment, but some fall and seasonal favorites include Buttermilk Ranch—a creamy, classic lunch addition (available in convenient 1 oz and 1.5 oz cups and packets, as well as gallons for foodservice operators) and Honey French dressing—which balances a tomato kick with smooth honey (also available in 1 oz and 1.5 oz packets).

While the company is best known for its refrigerated dressings in a grocer’s produce section, the company also has a wide assortment of shelf-stable products for those customers and consumers who need a convenient dressing, dip, or sauce that doesn’t require refrigeration. In order to alleviate confusion when consumers see a Litehouse cup of dressing sitting at room temperature while wondering if it is actually supposed to be refrigerated, Brite Harbor is the company’s solution to more clearly differentiate the attributes of its two brands.

For me, I am excited to stick a little packet of Jalapeño Ranch in all its appetizing and wonderful convenience into my bag for the promise of future produce dippings or a light dressing for any number of sandwich or salad needs. A “lighthouse” truly is a welcoming beacon in the storm and, in this case, a signal of flavor that consumers always recognize in the grocery store and foodservice operation.