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A Closer Look at Mucci Farms' Simple Snack Line

As Winston Churchill once said, “All the great things are simple.” Although he did not yet know about Mucci Farms’ Simple Snack line, he perfectly captured its essence. SIMPLE is an acronym for Sustainable Innovation Made Purposely for our Living Environment, and the packaging reflects this earth-friendly initiative. Adding to its robust sustainability program, the Simple Snack package is made from agricultural waste, making it environmentally safe and socially responsible. The product is housed in a recyclable and home-compostable tray with a lidding film made from materials that are 100 percent backyard compostable. Additionally, the manufacturing process emphasizes safety and zero waste.

With the hashtag #simplysustainable emblazoned across the packaging, the greenhouse grower highlights what matters most to consumers nowadays: A healthy snack line that doesn’t further harm the Earth. A simple pack for a simple snack, this product will stand out at retail with its aesthetically-pleasing graphics and educational information.

Invariably focused on rising trends in the snack foods category, Mucci Farms is introducing the lineup with several greenhouse staples, including a variety of nutritious bite-sized veggies and select organic items. With a strong commitment to expanding its sustainability program, Mucci Farms’ Simple Snack series adds a new layer of excitement for retailers and consumers alike.

For the environmentally-conscious shopper, Mucci Farms’ Simple Snack is the answer.